Liquid MIDI

Featured as part of the Sound and Matter in Design exhibition at Design Museum Holon, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 2017. Curated by Lila Chitayat, Anat Safran, Elissabeta Pisu


An experimental modular textile interface for sonic interactions, exploring aesthetics and morphology on contemporary interaction design. Trigger pads and fader board are screen printed modules focused on AV performances, allowing the performer to build its set up regarding its needs.

Sound is a medium that has been increasingly gaining ground in the visual arts during recent decades, despite this seeming contradictory. Technology plays one of the main roles in this multidisciplinary crossover, allowing not only for this amalgamation of the visual and auditory practices, but to further our ventures into how do we form this experience and with what tools do we design this multifaceted, polysensorial undertaking. Liquid MIDI is an experimental textile interface for sonic interactions.

Images by Dor Kedmi.