Soft Sound

Sonic structures. 2016 (ongoing)

50cm x 50 cm. Functional textiles, metallized laser cut textiles, magnet, amplifier, custom electronics.


Sound is an existential pattern.

Recontextualization of textile and flexible surfaces as an electroacoustic transducer for conversation of an audio signal into sound.
The practice-led research combines the textile medium with sonic art where copper and silver are the key elements working as conductive materials to create possibilities for encountering, enhancing and exploring multi-sensory experiences.
Textile and sound are paramount in this research. Much our artistic research involves building with textiles and flexible materials, due to its functional and aesthetic advantages, as well as it being ideal for studies looking to integrate different sensory modalities. Sound is a medium that has been increasingly gaining ground in the visual arts during recent decades, despite this seeming contradictory. Man has not always been dominated by vision. In fact, the primordial dominance of hearing has only gradually been replaced by that of vision. Sight is directional and isolates; whereas sound is omnidirectional and incorporates. While the sense of sight implies exteriority, sound creates and experience of interiority. Sound is a living organism that occurs together with visual, spatial, and social elements.