Exploring a new way of materiality in our supersaturated  techno-cultural world, where permanence is fluidness itself.

We are facing a shift in paradigms on a cultural, technological and social level. Our techno-cultural world fundamentally has changed and is continuously changing the forms of experiences related to the world. Our society’s supersaturated, present day infromational social model rewrites plenty of fields, thus the previously established boundaries of disciplines are dissolved creating unsuspected common ground between different areas of life. This transparency, the independency from the isolated platforms permeates my artistic practice. Today and in the near future, on a global scale the metrics of the community, cultural and economic processes are determined by the software. Our every day life goes by the spirit of intertextuality. We research, process, put into context and reflect on these. We are trying to recognize and observe the hidden anomalies behind the mentioned phenomenon, pointing out the constantly redefining essences formulated by it. Instead of visual concepts or speculative design, we make working prototypes. This attitude has led our research-based practice to the approach of „trial and error”, which is important in the interactive, and interaction design. We consider the new developments and technologies as creative tools and open possibilities, not as a creative aim.

The traditional borders of art, creative industries, science and technology are constantly becoming obsolete. The previously individually kept and practiced disciplines pervade each other, creating hybrid situations on their edges, creating new qualities. We are observing the transparency between the different areas, the cross-platform situations, the most recent works, achievements, developments and possible uses of intelligent materials. The two guiding principles of our artistic research are the experimental, interdisciplinary thinking and the integrative approach.

EJTech is an experimental art&tech lab based in Budapest, Hungary founded by Esteban de la Torre (MEX) and Judit Eszter Kárpáti (HUN). Working in the fields of experimental interfaces, interactive installations and hybrid art projects. Broadening the public’s perception and the environment that surrounds us. Exploring new ways of interaction between human and technology, weaving art, technology and craft together, thinking across boundaries. Creating synergy between the digital and physical world. Observing the relations of HCI (Human-Computer-Interaction). Their works have been exhibited in many countries including France, Italy, Poland, Germany, Estonia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico among others.

Esteban de la Torre is an audio-visual artist, technologist from Mexico. Working across both visual and sonic media, exploring tangible interaction and the dimensions of technology. Studied animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.He is addicted to altering functions of ordinary objects, hacking, coding, making live acts, audio-visual performances on the fusion of sound and image.

Judit Eszter Kárpáti is a textile artist and researcher in the field of e-textile from Hungary. She is studying at the Doctoral School of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Her main research task is focusing on the integration of interactive technologies into textile art and design, connecting the mediums together, creating cross-platform situations.

contact : we [at] ejtech.cc