Draping Sound

Sound installation / Performance at Sensorium Festival, Pistori Palace, Bratislava (SK) 2019. Paintings by Margareta Pertzalova – Searching for Sensation.

10 + 3 channel textile sound system. Silk, CuNi+ fabric, neodymium, custom electronics and software. 400cm x 150cm (black), 230cm x 150cm (white), 60cm x 90cm (sublimation ink print on textile).

Draping Sound installation centered around the poiesis of time and the limits of human perception and our capacity to comprehend and interpret our surroundings. Sonorous phenomena unfolds, constitutes spaces, mediated presence and articulates time. Visitors move freely and alone first to be able to have a heightened sensory encounter with the installation. It may prompt emotions, ask awareness, organise patterns of behaviour, define a way of sensing and engaging with the surroundings that hangs at the threshold of consciousness and perception.

“everything comes together…subjectivity and objectivity, the abstract and the concrete, the real and the imagined, the knowable and the unimaginable, the repetitive and the differential, structure and agency, mind and body, consciousness and the unconsious, the disciplined and the transdisciplinary, everyday life and unending history.”

Edward Soja concept of “Thirdspace”