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Sensing is the physiological capacity of discerning and classifying data assimilated from external physical phenomena, in order to identify, interpret, represent and perceive the environment. 

Perception is not the passive receipt of these process, but shaped by learning, memory, expectation and attention.

 Technology continuously extends our senses and transforms our general understanding and conception of solidity, tangibility and self, furthermore has led to the fundamental rethinking of art, its forms, methods and purposes.

 EJTech’s artistic research and work presented on this exhibition, focuses on this transformation of our perceptive and cognitive apparatuses in terms of the interrelation between senses, technology, and the production of meaning. While rethinking the accepted standardised hierarchy of our sensory system, they further explore this new art consistent within the cross-modal integration.

 Within “Sensescapes”, EJTech experiments at the intersection between art and technology, in a playful environment of discovering meanings, and pursue us to comprehend the liquidity of contemporaneity through diverse transdisciplinary approaches, methods and materials.

 The exhibited work aims at an open discourse where the digital and the physical coexist intertwined. Showcasing pieces from their arsenal of analog alchemy, acoustic occultism and further sound explorations, interactive textiles and reactive environments, EJTech delves into the aesthetics of perception.

 Permanence is fluidness itself.