A piece reflecting on the exponential growth of digitalisation in the physical world.

Our intentions are mainly to work with aspects of perception, to give sensory stimuli to the visual, auditory and haptic perceptions. Capturing relationships between design, the body, the senses and technology. Creating synergy between the digital and physical world with interdisciplinary thinking and integrative approach. Exploring new ways of interaction between humans and technology, weaving art, science and craft together.

Chromosonic project is an electronic textile that changes color, using an Arduino open-source platform. The dynamic changes in the textile color, derive from processed sound files. Screen printing was used to cover the textile in a dye that changes with temperature. Electric current makes the wires woven into the fabric heat up, changing the pattern.

Chromosonic investigates the relationship between digital world,  textile design and the ever blurring boundaries between the digital and physical world. The project broadens the field of textile design, bringing together different mediums: textile, electronics, and IT, creating a crossover between technology and hand crafts. The piece is a programmable, electronic, color changing textile interface. The textile reacts to the Arduino based program as well as environmental impulses, responding with an animated change in pattern. It investigates the integration of innovative technologies into the structure of textile, creating symbiosis between the world of the handmade, traditional textiles and the world of the immaterial digital media.

It belongs to both the digital and analogue realms at once, as the digital world genre alters and steps out to the physical world. The flatness of the screen, the patterns of a glitched monitor surface disappear and reappear on a hand-woven, flexible textile. The patterns are generated from sound files with data bending technique. The thermochromatic, heat sensitive static pattern reacts by creating dynamically shifting patterns. The woven wires are interconnected and controlled by custom built electronics. The user can also leave traces on the surface through the sense of touch.

Chromosonic was started as Judit Eszter Karpati’s diploma work, and has been further developed under the EJTech’s canopy, where much of our artistic research is focused on the intersection between sound and textile, investigating the functional and aesthetically advantages of flexible materials as well as all the possibilities it opens  to integrating other sensorial modalities.


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